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Gadget Wholesalers

Company Name:
--Gadget Wholesalers

Company URLs:
Year Established:
Types of products sold:
How many products?:
-- 4 at the present time.
Where are you able to drop-ship?:
-- U.S. and Canada
Do you supply images and descriptions for sellers, if so... is there an extra cost for this information or any restrictions on their use?:
--Images may be taken from our Web Site at no cost.
Do you charge a "drop-ship" fee per order, if so... how much?:
-- No. Dropship prices include shipping.
Do you charge a membership fee, if so... how much? Why should people pay for a membership fee when other companies don't charge one?:
-- No fee.
What does a membership with your company include?:
Do you have any restrictions on how your products are sold?:

What requirements do you have for new accounts?:
--New Accounts must supply certain information as follows:
1. Contact Name.
2. Address.
3. Phone No.
4. Web Site (if any).
5. How you were referred to us.
Do you offer payment terms, if so... what are they and what are the requirements?:
--No terms. Payments are made through Paypal.
Do you offer email updates of stock changes?:
-- No. We try to stay ahead of our stock, as most wholesalers do. We have an enviable record in doing so. We keep our active accounts informed of any major changes.
Do you offer any add-on services on top of the products you offer for drop-shipment, if so... what are they and do they cost extra?:
-- Yes, additional services can be purchased. The U.S. Postal Service, charges for insurance (1.30 per item) and delivery confirmation or tracking as it is sometimes called (55 cents). These services do not have to be purchased by our Dealers. However, it must be understood that we are not responsible for loss, damages or theft in transit.
How can orders be placed at your company?:
-- Through Paypal using the buttons on our Web Site. However, if the additional services are added, then the order must be placed DIRECT THROUGH PAYPAL AND NOT THROUGH THE BUTTONS ON OUR WEB SITE.
Do you handle customer returns and what type of warranty do you offer?:
Returns are honored, as long as the products are returned in original packaging, undamaged and not tampered with. They can be replaced or a refund issued. There are no specific warranties. However, we give a 90 day warranty. We never have any problems with our Dealers.
Please give a bit of history about your company and explain to entrepreneurs why they should consider your company for their drop-ship needs.:
-- They can view the about us category on our Web Site for history. We give excellent service and cooperation.

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